Attic Insulation Rebate in Los Angeles

Attic Insulation Rebate in Los Angeles

As if energy saving, money saving, and better air quality reasons aren’t enough for you to realize you should have your attic cleaned and properly insulated and sealed, there’s another reason that you might not even know  about — Consumer Rebate Program. That’s right, Los Angeles will give you money for properly insulating your attic.


Through LADWP, qualifying customers can receive up to 80% of total insulation installation costs covered, or $1 per square foot of attic floor insulation (whichever is less). This means that for an average attic insulation job in Los Angeles, which costs around $2,500, the homeowner will get back $2,000, bringing the out-of-pocket cost down to only $500. And the savings don’t stop there. Customers who install insulation in their attics can expect to see energy cost savings of anywhere from $200 to $380 per year, bringing a full return on investment in just about a year and a half.


According to LADWP’s rebates info website, qualifying attic insulation materials include blanket (batts and rolls), loose-fill, blown-in, attic-applied rigid foam, sprayed foam, and foamed-in-place insulation systems.


Here’s what you need to know about the rebate program and how you can get your rebate for attic insulation:


  • You’ll need to decide whether you’re going to take on the job and install the materials yourself or hire a licensed and professional installer — LADWP highly recommends that you hire the licensed contractor, and so do we. For one, professionals who do this for a living will have a wealth of knowledge regarding what’s right for your home and attic, and what the rebate program requires.
  • Take BEFORE photos of your attic, before you’ve installed new insulation. You’ll need to submit these photos with your application for the rebate
  • Take AFTER photos of your attic and new insulation for submission
  • Submit your application by mail to LADWP. You can download the application here


If you were already thinking of installing insulation in your attic, either because it doesn’t have it or the old insulation is not up to standards and code, this should really give a big nudge in that direction. Not only will you benefit from energy cost savings by decreasing the amount of hot or cool air escaping the home, but there are also other gains like a more consistent and comfortable room temperature throughout the home, less outside noise, and keeping critters out of the attic.


Another benefit of hiring professional insulation specialists is the added advantage of rodent proofing your attic by sealing any leaks and cracks. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great rebate offer and the consequential advantages of attic insulation!

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