One of the top nightmare and ewww-inducing scenarios for a homeowner is the realization that there are rats in our homes! Even though most of the time they reside within the attic, and that can provide an “out of sight, out of mind” false sense of security, the reality is that it’s still a big problem you should take care of and avoid for the safety of your health and property. Rats can carry dangerous diseases and cause damage to your home and whatever you have stored in the space. 

While it’s best to have a professional come to your home and look for all exposed areas that rodents can get through, you can still take some precautions and make some fixes yourself if this is not an option. Here are some essential steps you can take protect your home from becoming a pesky rodent’s prime real estate:

Seal Seal Seal

You’re going to have to give a good thorough look-through of the inside and outside of your attic area to make sure there are no possible entryways for rodents. Mice and rats can fit through very small openings, even the size of a quarter, so make sure you look real close for any cracks or holes. The most effective way to keep rodents out is with a combination of steel wool, caulking and metal mesh wire (or chicken wire). This triple threat creates quite the obstacle for them to get through; and if they do manage to get through the steel wool and the caulk, the metal wire should be the trusted barrier to keep them out of your attic.

Trim The Trees 

If you have trees or anything that might be high enough and close enough to your roof to provide an access way to your attic, it’s wise to trim or remove these objects. If you’ve stored anything next to the walls on the side of the home that are stacked up and high, try to find a better place for storage or space them out to be lower to the ground.

Keep Your Keepsakes Stored Safely

If you do utilize your attic space for storage, make sure whatever you have up there is stored properly in a sealed container that is difficult to penetrate, like an air-tight plastic bin. Rodents can chew through cardboard and thin plastic very easily, so throwing plastic bags of clothes up there is a sure bet for having them ruined should you ever have a rat or mouse mulling around. It’s also suggested not to store any furniture or upholstered items in the attic, for the same reason, they can chew through any fabric with ease.

These are some basic suggestions that you can carry out to protect your attic from any unwanted rodent visitors. Should you already have a problem with an infestation, it’s wise to call your local attic care and rodent protection professional to get rid of the problem and make sure it’s prevented in the future.