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We know that insulation is important because it helps with keeping warmth and coolness within the home, regulating its temperature, but not many people know what radiant barriers are, yet this technology has been gaining popularity and demand. Radiant barriers are made of highly reflective material that blocks the transmission of radiant heat. Typically made of aluminum, they work by reflecting radiant heat away from their surface, as opposed to fiberglass insulation, which absorbs it. One of the benefits of this foil insulation technology is that it’s not affected by humidity. How does a radiant barrier work? A radiant...

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Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

The California heat is here, and will be only getting hotter as we speak. Keeping your home cool during the winter doesn’t have to entail running up the ac bill all day. Here are a few tips on maintaining a cool and comfortable summer at home: Keep Windows Closed The first step in maintaining a cool home is to close all the windows in the house. This is the easiest way to trap out any excess warm air. Start by closing your windows as early as in the morning because temperatures can reach the 80’s by 9 am. Keep...

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As if energy saving, money saving, and better air quality reasons aren’t enough for you to realize you should have your attic cleaned and properly insulated and sealed, there’s another reason that you might not even know  about — Consumer Rebate Program. That’s right, Los Angeles will give you money for properly insulating your attic.  Through LADWP, qualifying customers can receive up to 80% of total insulation installation costs covered, or $1 per square foot of attic floor insulation (whichever is less). This means that for an average attic insulation job in Los Angeles, which costs around $2,500, the...

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How You Can Keep Your Attic Rodent Free

One of the top nightmare and ewww-inducing scenarios for a homeowner is the realization that there are rats in our homes! Even though most of the time they reside within the attic, and that can provide an “out of sight, out of mind” false sense of security, the reality is that it’s still a big problem you should take care of and avoid for the safety of your health and property. Rats can carry dangerous diseases and cause damage to your home and whatever you have stored in the space.  While it’s best to have a professional come to...

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Air Quality And Your Attic

You know proper ventilation is important to air quality, temperature control, and the general health of your house. But did you know that it’s equally important to monitor the ventilation of your attic? Yes, indeed. It’s best to be proactive about your attic’s ventilation. Rather than never give your attic a moment’s thought and find yourself with mounting structural problems down the road, take the first step and assess then address the ventilation of your attic. Lack Of Proper Ventilation Leads To Problems. That’s the easy answer. When there isn’t any air flow in your attic a few things...

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